Darcie Harris.pdf photo and statement

Darcie Harris
I live with my head in the sky and my feet barely touching the ground..
I’m 15 years old, and I’ve lived locally all my life. I’m in Grade 10 at Millmerran State School, and next year I will attend Pittsworth State School for my senior schooling.
Art and painting have always been a passion of mine. I tend to immerse myself in my art – and the resulting artwork is an expression of how I feel;
a creative outlet, if you will.
I use my art to express how I’m feeling at certain times, which is why some artworks are bright and colourful, while others are a bit more reflective.
The colours enhance the feelings and emotions I try to display.
My style of art work could be described as mystical and celestial. I mostly like to paint skulls, stars, and flowers. My most preferred medium is watercolour and in many recent artworks, I’ve used glitter to accentuate and to give my painting a fun, appealing look. The majority of these artworks on display were completed in 2017.
These artworks were a labour of love, and blood, sweat and (a lot of) tears helped put them into existence. Enjoy, and interpret as freely as you would like. I have a description of my thoughts behind the work if you would like to take the time to read the same.
Thank you for browsing.