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Here is my listing of paintings at Millmerran….I am negotiable EXCEPT on the paintings….Sheba, Paris Stroll (was sold), Spanish Breeze, Venetian and Amazonia.

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My personal message to those kind folk who purchased my work last time.

To those generous folks that bought paintings last time to help me get money for my daughter who had a tumour, I was very grateful. We were eventually able to find a Surgeon who was prepared to operate on her spine and try to remove the tumour. He got as much of the tumour as he could but it was also inside her nerve so he could not get that. It was not cancerous and should be slow growing. She is able to carry on her life with no disability, which is good as she has a diabetic child and has to work. So thank you very much for buying my paintings 2 years ago to help her when she could not work. I will always be grateful.